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It’s time to press reset

Are you struggling to conceive leaving you feeling emotionally and physically exhausted and depleted, helpless and overwhelmed longing for some support on the next steps to enhance your fertility?

Perhaps you have you lost yourself in the demanding juggle of a career or family leaving you feeling stressed, exhausted and disconnected which is starting to impact your personal or professional life.

It’s time to press reset.

Never has it been more important to prioritise your health. I can help you optimise your fertility naturally, manage your stress, increase your energy and wavering self confidence bringing your body back into balance.

Click the button below to book your complimentary health review and discover how to Nurture your Mind and Nourish your Body and thrive in a life you love.

How can I help you?

You are capable and confident, but you have lost your way and physical and emotional symptoms are starting to show. Fertility issues, anxiety, stress, weight issues from disordered eating, poor skin or hair, disrupted menstrual cycle, digestive issues, insomnia, low mood, exhaustion, brain fog, premature aging and low libido are outward expressions of internal imbalances. Your health is compromised, somethings not right. You owe it to yourself – and your loved ones- to take action.

My name is Portia Hodges and I’m a Nutritional Therapist and Psychotherapist. I specialise in helping people experiencing compromised fertility or physical and emotional manifestations of illhealth.

Your health is driven by your nutritional status, psychological, environmental and genetic factors. You are biochemically unique and dynamic with ever evolving physiological needs. It is essential to take a bespoke approach to your health which will allow us to identify and navigate the complex web of nutritional, biochemical or emotional imbalances, so that you can achieve an optimum state of health enabling you to regain your vitality, embrace the best version of yourself and carve out a fresh path to thrive.

Experience has shown me that there is an intrinsic, bidirectional relationship between the mind and the body meaning I believe both mental and nutritional health need to be supported in order for you to achieve optimal health. As such, I promote bespoke programmes using nutritional therapy or psychotherapy or a combination of the two, tailor made to best suit your specific needs.

Never has it been more important to prioritise your health. Click the button below to book your complimentary health review so we can explore how to carve out a healthier way of living unique to your needs so that you can live a life you love.



what my clients say…

I saw Portia for a couple of years when I was having issues transitioning to university, as well as suffering from depression and anxiety. Prior to seeing Portia, I had only neutral or negative experiences with therapists. Portia was the best choice for me and helped me realise the value in therapy. She was supportive, caring, helpful and used a range of techniques suitable for my diagnoses. I have seen other therapists since (as Portia and I no longer live in the same country), but I will always fondly think of Portia as putting me on the path to recovery and reigniting my trust in therapy. Today I am living a happy and fulfilling life – something I once thought was entirely out of my reach – and I owe this in part to Portia for believing in me and not letting me give up on myself!
RJ from Australia

“I often say that my husband didn’t get me pregnant, Portia did 😉

Following a miscarriage, I just couldn’t seem to get my body back on track. This accompanied by teenage reminiscent acne & a seriously imbalanced work-life balance, led me to seek the advice of my guardian angel.

I felt instantly at ease with Portia & completely trusted this guru of health & well-being, not least so because she was so entirely peaceful & radiant herself – a reassuring image of health & happiness.

We not only discussed my immediate goals Re:fertility but also delved into my history with ongoing skin complaints & unreliable digestion not to mention attitude to stress & my overall feelings towards food. Our appointments felt like much more than advice on nutrition, more a counselling session with practical dietary tweaks & changes which invariably made all the difference to my mental & physical health. Advice was always gently administered without judgement & any changes to my diet or lifestyle were realistic & manageable for me. I maintain almost all of my newfound good habits now. Oh, & our little boy is due to arrive next month.

I am eternally grateful to Portia for steering me & my family down the right path for us”

C.S from South West London


Are you ready to press reset?

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