Are you ready to feel comfortable and radiant in your own skin, feeling confident and prepared for the next chapter in your life, ready to take it in your stride full of sparkle and bounce?

Its time to rebalance and shine

The menopause is a physiological process and not a disease which touches the lives of women globally. It can be a 15year journey and research has shown that it is essential to prepare our bodies for this huge hormonal transition 10 years before the menopause starts which for most of us is in our late 30s early 40s.

I specialise in supporting women through the perimenopause, helping them to embrace this transition, optimise their health and navigate potential imbalances which can severely compromise physical and mental health if not managed effectively.

I am passionate about raising awareness and empowering women with knowledge and tools so that they can make the necessary changes to compensate for the huge hormonal shift so that they can take this transition by storm and live their best life.

Perimenopause & Beyond

How to glow inside and out

Taking a 360° approach to the perimenopause is essential, as such, we will approach it via the use of dietary, lifestyle and mental health techniques to promote hormone balance. I would love to help you look at how to boost your oestrogen levels, slow its decline and regulate hormone balance as well as addressing any potential issues relating to bone, cardiac or mental health caused due to this hormonal dysregulation.

Hormones are chemical messengers sending signals throughout the entire bodily system and so when these are disrupted function is affected. We will look at how to support detoxification of hormones, supporting gut health and gut flora, boosting libido and reducing symptoms which compromise sexual function, address insomnia and sleep issues, increase bone health to avoid osteoporosis, bolster cardiovascular and brain health to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like Alzheimers and heart disease which are linked to the menopause and look at stress reduction and mood elevation and much much more

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Perimenopause & Beyond
Perimenopause & Beyond

Boost your falling oestrogen levels naturally

This ebook contains some juicy tips about awesome phytoestrogens!
These naturally occurring plant-based chemicals are structurally similar to oestrogen and exert a weak oestrogenic effect which can regulate your falling oestrogen levels.
Try these suggested foods and recipes to gently help rebalance your hormones. Enjoy x

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