Whether you want to prepare your body for pregnancy, boost your fertility naturally, or you have lost yourself in the all consuming agony of failing conceive I am here. This can be an exhausting, confusing, overwhelming and distressing time. Book your complimentary health review today and we can explore how best to support you.

It’s on your mind. Every. Single. Minute.

Falling pregnant is often not as simple as you think. You spend years of your youth trying not to get pregnant and when you are ready sometimes it isn’t as simple as you had hoped. Navigating the waters of infertility can feel hugely frustrating, all-consuming and physically and emotionally exhausting particularly when it can feel like everyone around you is falling pregnant.

Once upon a time you were calm, confident and resilient, but this fertility minefield has sapped the life out of you, the one thing you want most, feels completely out of your control and hopeless.

Being told it will be fine and just relax can make you feel even more isolated in your distress. You wish you could relax but it can feel impossible. Sometimes partners struggle in a different way adding further complexity to the pain. Both your partner and loved ones hate to see you hurting but don’t know how to make it go away. I hear you, I understand and I am here for you.


You are not alone. Over the past twenty years, fertility problems have increased dramatically. One in six couples now find it difficult to conceive and a quarter of all pregnancies can end in a miscarriage and more and more couples are turning to natural fertility treatments to help them have a family. The earlier you seek professional nutritional advice the better as nutrients and your underlying health play a vitally important role in fertility and pregnancy, helping to nourish eggs and sperm and preparing your body to receive a fertilised embryo and then to progress to a healthy pregnancy.

I help couples get to the root cause of their fertility issues, optimise their fertility, rebalance their physiology and achieve the healthy pregnancy they didn’t think was possible. I also support couples to boost their chances of IVF success.

Programmes are tailormade with varying levels of support and the flexibility for you to add services which you feel would support your unique case. All programmes are 12 weeks in order to achieve optimal results and move you closer to your goal. It takes around 3 months for an egg to mature so I believe this is the minimum amount of time that anyone should dedicate to prepare for pregnancy.

Click here to book your complimentary health review so we can explore how to boost your fertility naturally and prepare for body for pregnancy.

An example of a premium programme which is frequently created includes:

A comprehensive intake form looking into family history, medical history and medication history and interactions.
x1 initial 90-minute in-depth nutritional therapy consultation (ideally as a couple and face to face but I appreciate this can be logistically impractical, so it is not mandatory and virtual sessions are available).
x 5 nutritional therapy sessions of varying lengths.
Recipes, book suggestions, pantry cleanse, shopping list, meal planning or yoga/meditation/breathing suggestions/referrals where relevant.
x2 psychotherapy session as this time can be filled with anxiety, so having the addition of emotional support is essential but this is optional depending on your journey.
10% discount on supplements via The Natural Dispensary.
10% discount on relevant Functional Tests


what my clients say…

“I often say that my husband didn’t get me pregnant, Portia did 😉

Following a miscarriage, I just couldn’t seem to get my body back on track. This accompanied by teenage reminiscent acne & a seriously imbalanced work-life balance, led me to seek the advice of my guardian angel.

I felt instantly at ease with Portia & completely trusted this guru of health & well-being, not least so because she was so entirely peaceful & radiant herself – a reassuring image of health & happiness.

We not only discussed my immediate goals Re:fertility but also delved into my history with ongoing skin complaints & unreliable digestion not to mention attitude to stress & my overall feelings towards food. Our appointments felt like much more than advice on nutrition, more a counselling session with practical dietary tweaks & changes which invariably made all the difference to my mental & physical health. Advice was always gently administered without judgement & any changes to my diet or lifestyle were realistic & manageable for me. I maintain almost all of my newfound good habits now. Oh, & our little boy is due to arrive next month.

I am eternally grateful to Portia for steering me & my family down the right path for us”

C.S South West London


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