4 Week Stress Reset

Have you lost yourself keeping those plates spinning and being everything to everyone?

Is the demanding juggle of a career and family leaving you feeling stressed, exhausted and disconnected which is starting to impact your personal or professional life?

If so, it’s time to PRESS RESET.

Never has it been more important to prioritise your health.

I want to help you combat stress, increase your energy and abate wavering self confidence, bringing your body and mind back into balance so that you can be the best version of yourself and live a life you love.

I passionately believe, and the research reinforces, the damaging presence of prolonged stress. It is a factor in the majority of disease pictures. This programme provides you with the opportunity to empower yourself with knowledge so you can prioritise and optimise your health and unleash your potential.

The 28 day programme has been specifically created to focus on the reduction of stress, whilst the online client-led format makes it workable for all schedules. The programme offers robust and essential concepts and changes, which would normally be explored in our private consultations, to deliver maximum impact.

4 Week Stress Reset
4 Week Stress Reset
The 4 Week StressReset contains modules on sleep, the relationship between the gut and mental health, the liver and detoxification, reframing disordered thoughts, a yoga video and a stress meditation recording both of which were specifically created for this programme, a stunning 63 page meal plan and a gorgeous self care box full of beautiful products and much much more……Its literally bursting at the seams with a wealth of science, research, insight and advice not to mention a whole lot of love. I want to equip you with tools and empower you with knowledge to bring about a meaningful and lasting reduction in your stress.