Warrior Programme

Are you trying to conceive or wanting to get your body pregnancy ready?

Falling pregnant is often not as easy as we hope with 1/6 couples finding it difficult to conceive.

Navigating the waters of fertility issues can feel hugely confusing, frustrating, all-consuming and physically and emotionally exhausting.

The fertility Warrior Programme was designed to offer a holistic multifaceted approach to optimising your fertility naturally with the intention of maximising your chances of falling pregnant.

The programme has been carefully designed to look at the functioning of your entire interconnected system and looks at the key areas for boosting fertility, whilst the online client-led format makes it workable for most schedules. Founded in science and research, the fertility warrior programme offers robust and essential concepts and changes which would normally be explored in private consultations to deliver maximum impact.

You can expect 11 modules delivered over 31 days on topics including sleep, stress, detoxification & the liver, gut health & gut bacteria, libido, nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and male reproductive health. You will receive an incredible fertility yoga video and a fabulous feminine energy meditation recording from some of our experienced collaborators which were specifically created for this programme. You are provided with a stunning 63 page meal plan packed full of recipes and ideas of how to balance your hormones and a gorgeous box full of beautiful products to promote self care.

The Fertility Warrior programme is literally bursting at the seams with a wealth of science, research, insight and advice from numerous disciplines not to mention a whole lot of love. I want to equip you with tools and empower you with knowledge to optimise your fertility and get your body pregnancy ready

Fertility Warrior Programme
Fertility Warrior Programme