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Conception is just the beginning of the journey

What you eat and your lifestyle during pregnancy not only has a profound effect on the health and development of your baby whilst inside you but also their adult health.

During pregnancy, your baby depends on its mother for all the nutrients required for healthy growth and development, therefore it is vital that your diet is nutrient dense and tailored to your particular stage of pregnancy and lifestyle.

We will look at your diet, including vitamin and mineral intake, and I can help you to naturally enhance your body’s ability to cope with the changing needs of you and your baby during each trimester.


1st Trimester:

This is when your baby develops most rapidly, with their organs and body systems forming, hence why good nutrition is absolutely crucial. The majority of expectant parents have heard about the importance of Folate to prevent neural tube defects in babies such as spina bifida. However, it’s not common knowledge that many of us can’t use Folic Acid, the synthetic form of Folate. This will be one of the many things I will help you navigate as well as the appropriate balance of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), Choline, Protein, vitamins and minerals.

2nd Trimester:

During this time the focus is on helping your baby to build strong bones and teeth. As such, during this time we will explore a proper balance of Calcium, Vitamin D and its cofactors Zinc, Vitamin K and Magnesium as well as minerals such as Phosphorus and Manganese.

3rd Trimester:

This is the prime time to boost your baby’s brain by ensuring that you are taking in all the right ‘smart’ fats.
I will also help you to build up your energy stores to prepare for the physical rigors of birth and advise you on the optimum nutrition in the immediate period after your baby’s arrival. This is when you will need to regain your strength and boost your body’s resources for healing and breastfeeding if you choose to do so.

Programmes are tailormade with varying levels of support and timeframes with the flexibility for you to add in additional psychotherapy or nutrition sessions to suit your unique needs.

An example of a programme frequently created includes:

A comprehensive intake form
x1 initial 90-minute in-depth nutritional therapy consultation looking into all areas of diet, lifestyle, family history, medical history and medication history and interactions
x 6 nutritional therapy sessions of varying lengths
Recipes, pre-natal yoga referral, book suggestions where relevant
x1 meditation or mindfulness recording if desired
10% discount on supplements via The Natural Dispensary.
10% discount on relevant Functional Tests
Ability to weave in additional services like psychotherapy sessions, pantry cleanse, shopping list and meal planning.

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