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Hello…. I am so pleased you found me! My name is Portia Hodges I am a nutritional therapist and psychotherapist registered with the regulatory bodies of BANT, CNHC and BACP (Dip ion) (MSoc Sci).

I love life and value time as our most precious commodity. I’m not a believer in a magic pill, deprivation or gym and diet fads. I’m passionate about enriching, optimising, and growing in order to achieve sustainable change allowing you to thrive. I’d love to support you to make realistic changes to your diet and lifestyle to move you closer to your goal and I will strive to equip you with the tools you need to do so.

Experience has shown me that there is an intrinsic, bidirectional relationship between the mind and the body meaning I believe both nutritional and mental health need to be supported in order for you to achieve your full potential and to achieve an optimal state of health.

Before launching Mind & Body Collective I worked in the city and then spent 12 years studying, working and volunteering around the world in psychotherapy and nutritional therapy applying my passion whilst learning more about myself and the disciplines every step of the way. I struggled with multiple miscarriages and two high risk pregnancies for differing reasons, so I have experienced first-hand the all-consuming agony, frustration and helplessness of fertility and pregnancy issues. I was fortunate enough to become a mother to three deeply magnificent boys who are my absolute universe, they keep me on my toes acutely reminding me of the value of time and the juggle and guilt involved in forging a career, personal life and being mother of the year.

We are all biochemically unique with our own stories. Your health is driven by your nutritional status, psychological, environmental and genetic factors, which is why it is essential to take a bespoke approach to identify and cross any underlying nutritional, psychological or biochemical barriers to your health. We’ll work together to nurture your mind and nourish your body allowing you to thrive in a life you love.

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