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Do you want to be the employer
of choice and invest in your biggest
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Are you looking for bespoke wellness solutions which reinvigorate engagement, foster resilience, reduce absenteeism, optimise productivity, attract and retain talent but most importantly create a culture of motivated, energised, agile, healthy and happy employees?

Due to the changing global working landscape, never has supporting employees to thrive been more important. We offer a variety of bespoke services and products which are tailor made to embody your values, embrace your employee proposition plan and support each employee.

Being a registered Psychotherapist and Nutritional Therapist and collaborating with multi-disciplinary wellness specialists, means I have the ability to offer organisations an integration of psychological and behavioural change tools which help to overcome barriers and unlock mental potential while also offering science and nutrition to optimise a physical state of health.

Mind & Body Collective are passionate about offering bespoke solutions to help you build a healthy, happy high performing culture of living and working with purpose.


Most popular touch points and services:


A complete Wellness Platform tailor made to suit each corporates unique needs.

You choose from a broad-spectrum of corporate wellness modules which support and empower your employees whilst complimenting your core values, demographic and evolution plan.

You choose the delivery (remote or via measurable health reviews, webinars, lunch and learns, Q & As, meal plans, guest speakers, seasonal health campaigns, yoga or meditation etc).

You choose which topics to equip your employees with (resilience in the face of transitions, fostering strength in change to avoid burnout, open to growth and opportunity, how to supercharge your energy, sharpen mentally agility, boost detoxification, optimise gut function, healthy WFH boundaries, the evolution of and adjustment to hybrid working, to mention a few).

Employee drop-in Wellness Clinics or Personalised Wellness solutions.

These are open to all employees or targeted at specific individuals allowing us to assess their unique wellness needs potentially incorporating nutrition, counselling and functional testing where necessary to get a clear picture of potential imbalance so that we can quickly and effectively create a personalised plan. It is here we are able to embrace and support the unique physical, mental and environmental needs of your diverse work force.

Annual employee health and wellness screening.

This offers you a clear quantifiable annual assessment of health and wellness within your company. Comprehensive health reviews look at both physical and mental health on an individual basis, allowing us to explore how individuals could make changes to enhance their health and thrive in the coming year. Companywide health, diversity needs and wellness patterns can be seen via this process.

Environmental Consultation

We look at optimising wellness and catering facilities, vending machines, breakout spaces and communal areas to increase employee satisfaction and optimise health.

Please book a call today to explore the options and how we can best support your needs.