How Can Counseling Help Address Stress

Overcome your stress, exhaustion and wavering self-confidence to
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Discover how to press reset and how to let go of your past and own your future.

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How can counselling help?
How can counselling help?

How can psychotherapy help address stress?

Deep exploration and insight into your feelings and their raw root cause is a brave and vital part of healing and closure. Psychotherapy offers you a safe space to do this and I will support you every step of the way through the good the bad and the ugly. I am experienced at working with clients suffering from stress and anxiety, infertility, eating disorders, grief, self-harm and addiction. I will use a combination of elements from several styles of psychotherapy which I will tailor to your unique needs, integrating scientifically validated procedures to assess triggers, hurdles to progress and coping mechanisms which is essential to facilitate long term change and gain closure.

I offer programmes as I believe they nurture and encourage progress and sustainable change allowing us the opportunity to forge a deeper trusting foundation on which to build upon. I want to offer you the space to explain, explore or resolve issues and drivers from your story at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Click here to book a complimentary health review and explore how to press reset, taking the first step to let go of your past and own your future so that you can to carve out a fresh chapter to thrive.

You can expect a psychotherapy programme to include:

An initial 90minute session to allow us time for exploration of your personal story from the beginning.
x3 50minute therapy sessions to explore root causes more deeply and identify potential hurdles to your goals.
Relevant tools will be offered throughout this process to help move you forwards depending on your specific needs. For example, relaxation techniques, lifestyle and book recommendations or referrals to other forms of support etc.
Sessions may include inner child work, art therapy, CBT techniques, impulse control tools, in vivo exposure therapy or identifying personalised triggers and coping mechanisms depending on your specific needs.
How can counselling help?

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