About Counselling

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a collaborative talk centred therapy offering a safe, objective and non-judgmental environment in which to express and explore feelings in order to gain a deeper insight into a client’s issue. As a psychotherapist, I support my clients to find better ways to cope or bring about change to improve mental and emotional wellbeing.
Psychotherapy uses a blend of elements from different approaches meaning I am able to tailor treatment according to each client’s needs. Scientifically validated procedures are applied, and clients will learn new skills to help them develop healthier, more effective habits so that they can live more productive lives.

The cause of compromised mental and emotional wellbeing can take a multitude of forms meaning psychotherapy can be short-term, dealing with immediate issues, or long-term, involving the unravelling and resolution of longstanding or more complex issues.

About Counselling
About Counselling

What do you mean by stress?

The hormone cortisol is chronically released when we feel stressed or under pressure affecting us physically, mentally, emotionally and behaviourally. Symptoms of this can include raised blood pressure, headaches, tension and muscular pain, concentration difficulties, difficulty making decisions, moodiness, irritability, exhaustion, insomnia, teeth grinding, lack of motivation, fertility issues, inability to focus, social withdrawal, disrupted menstrual cycle, disordered eating habits, loss of confidence, low self-esteem, palpitations, skin flareups, disrupted digestion and bowel movements. Psychotherapists help you to explore and understand what is causing your stress and support you in finding coping mechanisms, closure or solutions that will help you to combat it.

What do you mean by anxiety?

The fight or flight response is an automatic reaction. Hormones like adrenalin are automatically released making us more alert giving us the best chance of evading danger and ensuring survival. When a perceived threat has gone our body automatically triggers the release of different chemicals to help counteract this and help us to relax. However, with the anxiety fight or flight response, this tends not to happen. We habitually read fearful situations as if they are dangerous meaning the overstimulation of this response manifesting in a range of ways such as increased heart rate, muscle tension, dizziness, sleeplessness, hyperventilating, infertility, insomnia and wanting to use the bathroom more. Psychologically it can impact relationships, confidence and impinge productivity interfering with both your professional and personal life.

Psychotherapy aims to establish what is causing these fears? Are there any underlying issues, anything that triggers these feelings of anxiety? Unhelpful thinking patterns are explored and replaced with more effective techniques for slowing down and regulating the response that causes anxiety.

About Counselling
About Counselling

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